anemos-jacob GmbH sucessfully accredited by DAkkS

Oldershausen, 15 February 2018: The high quality standard of aj (anemos-jacob GmbH) has now been officially confirmed by DAkkS through the accreditation certificate for the areas wind resource assessment, wind measurements, assessment of site quality (according to the German EEG law) and assessment of turbulence intensity.

In the accreditation process, aj proved its competence and received the certificate for the accreditation on 26 January 2018. This clarifies that aj, who is known for circumspect and deep analyses, manages to operate quality management also for its project specific and experience based approaches.

Furthermore, the accreditation is of specific interest in the area of wind measurements. Combined with the classification of the Sodar instrument type AQ510 used by aj, fully TR 6 compatible, i.e. bankable wind measurements are now available at low cost which in addition allow for low uncertainties. The background is that lower measurement uncertainties can be allocated to wind measurements performed by companies with corresponding accreditation. This makes projects taken care of by aj even more economic.

“Many people do not know that Sodar measurements are accepted by banks and other wind resource specialists, if they fulfill the requirements of the TR 6 guideline”¬†says Roger Dorweiler, Sodar expert of aj. He adds” and that, due to its classification, the AQ510 is the only remote sensing instrument which fully satisfies the requirements of the TR 6.


Since more than 20 years, aj delivers reliable wind resource assessments which exceed the marked standard. At the same time, aj houses long term experience in the development and testing of wind turbines. Besides the areas that have now been accredited, aj offers site suitability assessments, performance assessments to identify the potential of improving existing wind turbines, short site evaluations and noise and shadow flicker calculations. Besites the unique expert knowledge in the use of Sodars, aj is experienced in all common measurement methods. Thus, aj can always offer the most efficient solution – and delivers analysis on which you can rely.


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